What to visit in the north of Sardinia

h2> Cannigione, Santa Teresa Gallura and the Island of Caprera

People who are visiting North Sardinia remain surprisingly enchanted by the multiplicity of landscape, cultural and climatic contexts that countersign this part of the island.
Cannigione is, thanks to its strategic position, the perfect place for discovering Sardinia as equidistant from all the most fascinating places of interest.
Driving for a few kilometres, you will passed by the Limbara mountains, snow-covered in winter and fresh in summer, to the countrysides covered by Mediterranean stain of the coastal zone; from the suggestive rocks of Capo Testa in the outskirts of Santa Teresa Gallura to the small sandy beaches of the Costa Smeralda.
The giant tombs and the nuraghe can be visited as well as the rests of the world war in Caprera Island. You can ride the waves of Porto Pollo or go to bycicle discovering the spectacular coastal roads.


Thanks to its mild climate, Sardinia is one of the most aspired destinations for sport lovers, aquatic and earthling sports.
The small town of Cannigione and its outskirts are the proper place for people who are looking for a base to follow their own sporting passions during the whole year.
In spring and in autumn, bicycles invade the coastal roads and many paths in the surrounding valleys are beaten by trekking lovers, and not only them.
During the warmest season, the gulf on which Cannigione leans out, become the kingdom of wind sports like windsurf, kite surf and the sailboat lovers realm.
For those who want to keep fit without getting further too much, at Riva Azzurra park, in the front of the beach closed to the city center, a beach field volley, a field of bottles and a station fitness with modern utensils has been created for training on open air.

Sport Cannigione Vacanze


As we know, Sardinia is not exclusively sun and sea. For the one who wants to discover the ancient history of the island, in the outskirts of Cannigione it is possible to visit, independently or with a Multilanguage guide, many archaeological sites of the Nugaric period like the giant tombs, the nuragic village and the necropolises.
Far a few kilometers from the city center, on the SS125 road, you will find the information point as well as ticket office where it will be possible to collect information about the height sites present on the territory.
For the one who wants to move a bit further, in the outskirts of Palau or on Caprera Island, you will find many military fortresses dated from the world war period. In the surroundings of Tempio Pausania, Aggius and Calangianus, you will enjoy the ethnografic museum, the banditry museum, the cork museum and you will be able to visit cork & ceramic factories.

Culture Cannigione Vacanze


Landing from the airplane or arriving with the ferry, you will suddenly feel the perfumes that characterize this part of Sardinia. Closed to the coast, many autochthonous kinds as the myrtle, the arbustus unedo or the pistacia lentiscus are present also to the edges of the roads. If you decided to take a walk on the Mediterranean stain, colours and smells will bring you in another “dimension”, turning smog and the city stress into an old memory.
A few minutes distance, following the hinterlands, cork forests are dominating the valleys and are creating an ideal habitat for many animal kinds.
During a year time, with the changing seasons, mountains and countries change colours creating suggestive sceneries.

Nature Cannigione Vacanze

Wine & Culinary Tourism

Sardinia is proud of its ancient wine and culinary tradition, rich in flavours from different parts of the island.
From an oenological point of view, Cannigione is situated in the center of Gallura, the home of the Vermentino wine.
Here, local cellars, like Surrau, Capichera, Monti, Tondini and many others, organize visiting tour and wine tasting, giving you also the opportunity to buy their own products in local.
From a gastrological point of view, the local farms “Agriturismo” are the symbol of the culinary traditions. From the smallest one lost in the countryside to the ones closed to the touristic areas, all of them are offering typical products from the island like the tasty Pecorino cheese or the roasted little pork and the sweet “Seadas” with honey.
In touristic towns on the sea like Cannigione, you will find many restaurants recommended for the sea food. In some of them, there is the possibility to choose directly the fish from the aquarium, in others to choose it from the daily fishing or you can still trust the chefs’ ability creating wonderful combinations of surprising and unusual foods.

Wine & Culinary Tourism Cannigione Vacanze


If you want to live the island in its true being, you cannot miss the opportunity to be driven in one of so many excursions organized to discover Sardinian paradise places.
Every day, many tour boats are leaving from Cannigione Marina. You will find different types of boat adapted for all requests that will offer you the possibility to live a unique and unforgettable experience. You cannot go away from here without having the chance to enjoy, by sailing boats, catamaran or motor boat, the marvellous islands of the Archipelago della Maddalena and swim among the turquoise and crystalline waters of the Manto della Madonna.
Instead, for the lovers of the hinterland, excursions in jeep or quad are available in the near highlands of the Costa Smeralda until the famous Sardinian canyons of Su Gorroppu. You can also enjoy travelling in the past thanks to the fascinating Trenino Verde, discovering mountain sceneries of the Limbara valley.

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